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Come and collaborate with us and establish your exclusive merch store for your organization. We offer custom programs to serve your organization according to your needs.

A percentage of the revenue generated from your merch store will go to the charity of your choice. If you have not yet established your custom site click below.

We are the registered clothier of choice for various police and fire departments and the RCMP’s full dress uniforms.  We are also the go-to tailor for Honour Guard, Pipe Band and Drill Team uniforms.

Due to a long history of manufacturing military mess kits and full dress uniforms to military personnel throughout Canada, we are recognized as a leading manufacturer of fine military attire.

We can provide branded corporate or casual wear for your employees & apparel for your sports team by adding embroidered logos, text embroidery, and high-quality printed logos and designs for a smart and consistent look.

Show appreciation for donors, volunteers, collaborators and more while creating more exposure for your cause with cool, branded custom gear.  Call to check out our many catalogues of high-quality apparel and embroidery options for every budget.

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